Ad campaign optimization made easy!

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Automatic Campaign Optimization

check Automatically split tests banners/creatives and landing pages.

check Tracks and adapts to trends.

check Scales up winning combinations automatically while cutting off less lucrative combinations as per your pre configured instructions.

check AdWager works just like an expert marketer and an army of accountants that never sleep or make errors. While you maintain complete control as the puppet master. Say goodbye to the constant need for tedious testing and work arounds needed to find winning campaigns. AdWager will do this seamlessly for you on autopilot.

check AdWager was designed to cater for these specific need which most ad networks do not address. We live in an amazing age and technology is evolving rapidly, don't be left behind with the laggards. We want to help you make money, save your time and kick the stress out of your work!

check No need for tools such as Prosper202 or CPV Lab to accurately track your campaigns. We feel that these tools only exist because many ad networks have neglected the needs of their advertisers. Our system is completely compatible with third party tracking systems if you wish to use them however. Direct linking and redirects are allowed.

check Few other networks offer any form of automatic campaign optimization. We pride ourselves on our automatic campaign optimization technology and can honestly say, we blow away the competition by leaps and bounds in this aspect. A modest metaphorical comparison would be a caveman with a stick vs. a terminator.

Quality Traffic - PPC & CPA Hybrid Format Available

check AdWager will find placements which give the largest ROI and target only the sites that are working for your ad campaigns.

check To maximize returns, advertisers may set bids using PPC & CPA bid combinations to scale up campaigns with limited risk if conversion rates drop.

check Large selection of niches to target.

Accepted Payment Methods

check Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover credit cards.

check Debit cards are accepted.

check PayPal debit cards are accepted.

check No ridiculous minimum deposits, just enough to cover your daily budget.