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Advertise On Your Website & BANK from PPC & CPA!

check Simply insert our ad code on your site and you are good to go!

check Make cash for clicks as well as conversions! Our CPA hybrid bidding format can literally explode your profits. E.g. a visitor clicks your ad and purchases one of our advertisers products, submits their email, or joins a website etc. You will be paid for this action!

check The payout amount depends on the nature of the action and the niche. These payouts can give you some really great days and pay bumps!

check Best of all you do not need to worry about displaying the highest paying ads. AdWager will continuously optimize your ad space for you and display the highest paying ads in terms of eCPM (average money earned per 1000 visitors to your site) to ensure maximum returns. AdWager is optimizing your ad zones hands free while you sleep! Save your time and eyes!

check Here at AdWager, we work for you. Not vice versa.

AdSense Compatible

check AdWager is 100% compatible with AdSense. This means you can place both AdWager ads and AdSense ads on the same page. AdSense only allows three AdSense ads per page. If you are only using AdSense, you are leaving money on the table! You can leave all your AdSense ads in tact and simply place one or more AdWager ads on your website to display side by side.

arrow Give our network a try and you will soon see why a lot publishers are using AdWager to monetise their websites. Many have dropped AdSense altogether due to the fact that we pay you for conversions as well as clicks. Imagine how much money has been made from the traffic you sent to advertisers through AdSense/AdWords. Imagine if you received a share of this money, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars.

arrow Many publishers live in fear that their AdSense account could be disabled at anytime due to absolutely unfair reasons, or no reason at all. Wake up one morning and BAM! There goes all your earnings for the month and potential for future profits from AdSense. Publishers that rely on one single income source are dying out quickly.

arrow Don't put all you eggs in one basket and gamble your income on luck.

Payout Details & Methods - Available Worldwide!

check By the 5th of each month, your earnings for the previous month will be reviewed and posted to your account ledger, this money will be available for withdrawal.

checkWithdrawals are approved on a weekly basis.

check AdWager has a low $50 USD minimum withdrawal.

check High volume publishers are eligable for early payout and can currently withdraw 50% of any balance over $1000 USD before the next pay day (5th of each month).

check ACH direct deposit straight into your bank account. If your bank can receive direct deposit or e-check, we can pay you with this method.

check PayPal payout option is also available for our publishers.